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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

4 Wheeling Momma

Did I mention there are a few pot holes in the streets around here. I think it would be safe to say you can not travel 50 feet without hitting multiple potholes. And not just the kind of potholes you know of. These are the kind of pot holes quaders long for. The four wheel jeep guys kind of pot holes. The let's go four wheeling kind. Not just here and there. The are on every street. You never get out of 1st gear.

Add in a billion people walking, (not really a billion but you get my point) and then some bicycles and motorcycles, some guy caring 12 matrices on a cart and women caring wood, huge bags of rice or 5 gallons of water on their heads on narrow streets and you Quelamnte Africa.

Wanne has been driving us around and may I just say, she can out drive any man I know in a 4 wheel situation. This woman doesn't take anything from anyone. She swerves, dodges, honks passes better than anyone. She owns the road.

Something funny happened today. When we travel through the villages the kids sometimes chase the vehicles that come through. As we were leaving one of the churches I noticed there were some kids hanging on the tailgate of the truck. I told Wanne, oh Wanne ( in a panicked voice) there are some kids hanging on the tailgate. Our sweet, sweet missionary lady said, hey not my problem, they won't be there for long!!! Of course she was kidding, but was she? She never slowed down.

I'm here to tell ya, she is one tough missionary 4 wheeling momma.

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  1. That post was very funny to me cuz I know how true it is.