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Monday, April 16, 2012


The sounds here are very much different than in the U.S.. Morning brings birds and people's voices. All the windows are left open because there is no air conditioning. (although I did spot a air conditioning unit in the wall of one of the rooms. John said they only use it on Thanksgiving and Christmas, which is their summer)
The loudest bird is called a crow here It doesn't look like our crows. It's smaller but much fatter. It has a white collar and the rest is black. It doesnt sound like our crow either. It sounds more like a goose with a sore throat . Very loud and squacky... Squacks all day long. So far I have not heard that familar chirp of our sparrow...

Frogs here sound like a electronic beeps. No croaking for these frogs.

John and Wanne have two dogs for protection and John can't get either dog to bark. But all day and night you hear dogs barking. They have the only two dogs that don't bark.

There is loud music everywhere you go. I found out that about every 6 or 7 houses there is a bar. The bar hangs the stereo system in the window and plays it so loud it blows the speakers.

The local sanitation company has it all figured out. You just find a place on your street and start dumping your garbage there. Then the garbage truck with several guys will come with pitch forks and take it away. Oh, and this also doubles for a way to feed these hundreds of stray dogs laying around in the potholes.

I wish I could post some pictures along with my words but I haven't figured out a way to add pictures on my blog from my camera. I can do it from my phone but my phone won't work here. I'll keep trying.

Everyone is always smiling and waves. Greetings and goodbye's are very important. You don't come into a room or leave without greeting.

I'll try more tomorrow

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  1. I love your blog the way you describe everything brings back great memories