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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Indian Ocean Day

Jim, Susan, Cheryl, Jessica, Wanne and my self went for a day of fun at the Indian Ocean. The area we went to was a little more modern. They rent cute little bungalows you can stay overnight in however, we just went for the day.

As we arrived boys started running along side the car. I asked what they were doing? Wanne said, they are going to watch our car while we are on the beach. They ran along side the car for quite a while. The sat at the car the entire time we were at the beach.

I have only been to a beach a couple of times so when I see one it's like seeing one for the first time. So much to look at. Sights, sounds, and smells.

They use bamboo mats here to sit on. We laid out our stuff and it wasn't very long before the locals are bringing things over for us to purchase. One guy brought over coconuts. They are coconuts before they are truly ripe ( I forget the name) but you drink the milk inside and eat the meat like you do a ripe one. Funny thing about the milk, it isn't white it's clear and it has a carbonated taste to it. It is suppose to be hight in electralights ( not sure how to spell it) and the meat is very soft and mushy. I like the milk but didn't care for the meat. The local carries the coconuts in a pale then under his shirt tucked in his pants is a huge knife that he uses to open the coconut. Wanne bought us all one.

After that Jessica and I went in the ocean a little ways. I have only actually been in a ocean up to my knees before so swimming in the ocean was a first for me. I took a picture of Jessica that ended up being one of my favorite pictures of the trip.

Jim decided his coconut wasn't open enough for him so he tried to bang it on the mat for a while. He finally got it open.

Jim and Susan are new missionaries here. Jim came on a mission trip with some men from Royal Palms Baptist Church a few years ago and felt God calling him to be full time missionaries here. They live just a couple of hours away from John, Wanne and Jessica. Cheryl, Jessica and I are going to stay a couple of days with them tomorrow

I took a walk up the beach alone. I was praying and looking around. I realized one thing that looks like home is the sky. No matter where you are when you look up you feel like you are in a familiar place. Funny, God says the same thing. Always look up, keeping your eyes on Him. I'm learning so much about my self here.

Jessica, Wanne and myself went back into the ocean one last time before we left. We went in kinda deep. The waves were hitting us and caring us for a ride. We started laughing and couldn't stop. I would look up and all I would see is Wanne's head bobbing toward shore. She knew how to body surf and was really good at it. She tried to teach me but every time I tried the wave would turn me topsy turby. Jessica has a talent of jumping as the wave cam so she would miss the pounding. We had so much fun it felt like I was a kid again. I was laughing so hard I got a mouthful of sea water... We were wore out by the time we drug our selfs to shore. It was a great day.

We are going to church in the morning at one of the villages. I can't wait to see what it is like to have church African style.

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  1. Jackie am get so excited when I read your posts! I feel like I am listening to you talk! Miss you & I am amazed everyday how wonderful you are doing! God is so good! Ps...Iris came & hung out with Kyle for a while last nite....he looks good. Not starving or anything! He was also clean so he is taking care of himself! Lol So you have fun & look forward to helping you scrap your pictures (: