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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Jessica's Birthday

Yesterday was Jessica's birthday. She is one of the missionaries we came to see and the daughter of Cheryl, who I came with. She turned 25.

We went to the Chuabo hotel for lunch. It sits on the Marginal River. We were 7 floors up. The elevator only holds 3 people at a time. Yep! one of those... once on top you walk into a large room with linen table cloths. One waiter with a white waiters coat on. Every button was different but he was non-the-less very well dressed. The glass doors were open to let the cool breeze in..

The view was absolutely beautiful. In-betweeng us and the river is a 300 year old church. Just incredible to think it has been standing that long.

We all had something different. I had pea soup. It was very good. Home made rolls and bottled water.

After lunch we came back to John and Wanne's for chocolate cake Wanne made and present opening.

Cheryl handed Jessica a huge bag of cards from everyone back home. She sat for hours reading each one several times. It meant so much to her. The was a big batch from the Awana children from church. Please tell the kido's how Jessica loved them.

I gave her a huge bag of Skittles and a bunch of fun and wild nail polish. Something they love here.

The rest of the evening we talked about were we were when we were 25 and polishing nails. God is good.

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