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Monday, April 23, 2012

Sunday Church

I was looking forward to going with John and Wanne to church. John said he needed to go visit a church in the area that he hadn't been to in a while. Part of the job when you are a missionary. Wanne went with him so Cheryl and I went to Jessica's church with her. Jim and Susan were here in Quelamnte visiting and were going to take us back with them to Mocuba for two days after church so they came along with us.

I didn't realize "church" was that little village church that we played the games with the children until we got there. A problem arose along the way. The pastor didn't show up , which in this area means he most likely came down with a case of malaria, Sally is out of town and there is a sub Sunday school teacher and Wanne isn't there. It was amazing to watch as things started to unfold.

Paisano, who is a fairly new believer taught the Sunday school class for the kids in Sally's absents, Jessica taught the Sunday school class for the adults

Jim, who is also a missionary and a pastor agreed to preach for the church service. It was incredible to see everyone fill in. Paizano took the kids, Cheryl assisted him. They colored a picture and learned a memory verse. Eph 2:8 For it has be through grace you have been saved- through faith and this is not from yours selves it is a gift of God.
Jessica did a great job filling in for the pastor teaching the 16 adults. They loved her. It's so amazing to hear her teaching and talking in Portuguese .

The two groups came together for the church service. This church only has a roof and some posts up. No walls. There are coconut wood benches to sit on. Paizano also filled in with the announcements and singing. This guy has such a sweet dispassion. The Gift of teaching. He also brought his wife and new baby girl.

Then Jim got up to preach. I love to hear Jim preach however, I quickly realized I wouldn't get to hear him, he too was speaking in Portuguese. Once again amazed to hear him up there preaching in Portuguese! Jessica sat next to me and tried to translate as best she could without being distracting. Oh, I almost forgot, Susan got up and read Psalm 23 to everyone also in Portuguese! Aren't they amazing.

Jim spoke on Psalm 24. He asked them, who is the King of Glory? Do you know him? It's Jesus/jay-zeush or in Chuabo it is Yezu/yea-zoo.

He said, you can't call him master if he isn't your master! Jesus has it all and wants to give it to you. He won't force himself on you, you have to ask him in

Jim did such a great job. Both children and adults listened carefully.

These people, these very poor people gave money in the offering plate. Its really quite a testimony.

It was a great day of church African style

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